Automotive Recycling Business six recycling plants nationwide. The highest-class ELV processing operation in Japan.

Recycling of End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV’s), still packed with usable parts and resources, is a major force in helping build a recycling-oriented society and reducing the burden on our environment.
We have used the most advanced equipment and technologies to develop the largest scale operation in the industry for appropriately processing countless ELV’s. As a leader in the vehicle recycling business, we continue to safeguard the environment from the impacts of motorization.

ELV Recycling Flow

Input vehicle information Information such as vehicle history, model, color, engine and transmission styles is entered into our database - Appropriate tire and battery processing Tires  Appropriately processed by specialists Batteries  Recycled by specialists Aluminum Wheels  Recycled at our plants - Waste oil and fluids processing Gasoline  Reused in our company vehicles Oil  Treated and reused Coolant  Appropriately processed by specialists Airbags Recycled for use by our company Freon  Appropriately processed by specialists Shredder Dust  Appropriately processed by specialists - Used parts collection Exterior Parts Functioning Parts Chassis Parts Stored and sold as recycled parts (or exported overseas) - Nibbler process (divided into iron and nonferrous metals and recovered) Iron (chassis, muffler)  Refined by steel manufacturers Aluminum (engine, transmission, etc.)  Recycled at our plants Copper (wiring, motor)  Recycled by specialists Others (bumper, catalytic converter, etc.)  Appropriately processed by specialists - Heavy pressing Body Shell  Recycled by electric furnace manufacturers

Menu of Services

1. Appropriate recycling of ELV

Our recycling plants use the latest equipment and technology to appropriately process end-of-life vehicles in strict compliance with vehicle recycling regulations and other relevant laws. Our many years of proven results have earned the trust of automakers, for which we also perform demolition of experimental vehicles.

2. High payouts for ELV

Our company directly manages an officially licensed decommissioned vehicle purchasing center. We cut out all middlemen, enabling us to pay higher rates. We also offer free registration erasure for vehicles we intake.

3. Additional difficult processes, including airbag recycling

Several of our plants also perform airbag resource recovery and bumper recycling according to Automobile Recycling Law.

Features of Our Automotive Recycling Business

  • Feature 1

    The largest capacity in the industry!
    Six recycling plants nationwide.

    We have expanded our recycling plants into six locations in the Kanto, Tohoku, Kinki, and Kyushu regions. In regions where we have no plants, we cooperate with other industry companies to carry out vehicle intake and demolition processes, building a system that encompasses nearly all of Japan.

  • Feature 2

    Having obtained ISO certification, we make great efforts to reduce our environmental impact

    Our vehicle recycling plants have obtained ISO 14001 certification as part of our continued efforts to reduce our environmental impact. We also collect freon gas and safely and efficiently process gasoline, oil, coolant, and other fluids. We use extracted gasoline as fuel in our own forklifts and company vehicles, and process and reuse some of the waste oil we collect as fuel in our aluminum recycling plants in efforts to reduce our energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

  • Feature 3

    Leave airbag recycling to us

    We have gained overwhelming experience and trust in this field.
    We undertake processes that other companies in the industry cannot, as well as processing of defective parts generated by the airbag manufacturing process.

  • Feature 4

    In-house ELV aluminum recycling

    The aluminum components we collect, from the wheels, to the engine, transmission, and radiator, are melted down and recycled in our own plant in Tochigi Prefecture.
    This early adoption of aluminum recycling from the ELV’s we intake is one aspect of our efforts to help build a recycling-oriented society.

  • Feature 5

    Pioneering recycled parts sales in overseas markets

    We efficiently remove used parts such as exterior, functional, and suspension parts for storage and sale as recycled parts. We have recently expanded beyond domestic sales, greatly expanding parts exporting. We aim to expand this business overseas, taking advantage of our years of experience cultivated in Japan.