Automotive Parts Business Responding to global needs for local production for local consumption.

Keiaisha manufactures a wide variety of automotive parts under a fully integrated production system, from new vehicle conception to welding and coating, utilizing superior metal molding and welding assembly technologies. We have an especially strong reputation in mold production and deep drawing technology, specializing in production of high-precision engine and suspension parts.
Our manufactured parts are used by numerous automakers all over the world.

Principal Automotive Parts We Produce

Tower bars Shock absorbers (for spring seats) Boosters Column brackets Spring seats Back plates Battery covers Oil strainers Oil pans Cross bars Seat frames Member stays Suspension members  (brackets)

Menu of Services

1. Integrated automotie parts production

Simultaneous meeting Automatic press line

We have established a fully integrate parts manufacturing system, from pressing to welding, assembly, machining, and cation coating. In addition to providing a versatile technological service through our concurrent engineering system, we have adopted a just-in-time (JIT) system for production and distribution to reduce delivery times and costs.

2. Prototype and mass production proposals for press parts

Assembly line Cation electrodeposition coating line

Blueprint-less prototypes and mass production. We offer services to determine specifications required for mass production and concrete proposals for cost reduction measures.

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3. Module order handling


We have constructed a system for performing testing and measuring for module orders from automakers, including establishing a temperature controlled room housing CNC 3D measuring, contour measuring, circularity measuring, and 3D image measuring equipment.

Features of Our Automotive Parts Business

  • Feature 1

    Advanced technology drastically shortens delivery times

    We have developed a parts production process with 3D/CAD data as a central component, enabling blueprint-less prototype and mass production. Further, ingenuity at various points in the process, such as mold NC processing with CAD/CAM linkage, and automation of many production lines, has drastically reduced delivery times.

  • Feature 2

    A management system meeting global quality standards

    Three of our plants in Japan have obtained ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems, two of which have also obtained IATF16949 certification. Our facilities in North America and Thailand have also received IATF16949 certification.

  • Feature 3

    Reliable environmental management

    Three of our plants in Japan have received ISO 14001 certification for environmental management system quality standards as part of our active efforts to live up to our fundamental principle of "continuous development of a recycling-oriented society".

  • Feature 4

    Established a global production and distribution base

    Following to our first overseas operation in US in 1988, we have opened Mexico Plant in 2015. Furthermore, we have acquired our own production base in Thailand in 2016, establishing a global production and distribution base.
    We coordinate each other among Japan, US, Mexico, and Thailand, responding to the clients'needs for local production for local consumption.

Technological Advantages

1. Blueprint-less manufacturing

Comprehensive manufacturing centered on 3D data

3D/CAD data - NC processing with CAD/CAM - Manufactures goods press processing - Quality verification with image data

2. Technical proposals to match client needs

We offer proposals to suit individual client needs based on 3D/CAD and CAE strength analysis.

Sample Proposal: modeling from casting to sheet metal pressing to reduce cost of an auxiliary bracket

Proposal (Casting Sheet metal pressing) - Layout study - Strength analysis - Vibration testing

3. Advanced inspection with mold simulation

Inspect of press mold products for potential fissures and creases in advance using CAD data.

Blank shape creation (Blank materials data) - Mold data creation (Die Punching) - Mold simulation - Analysis results verification

4. QA through commanding use of measuring and testing machines

We have established a dedicated division to ensure quality assurance of the goods delivered to our clients. Our goods are inspected using many measuring and testing machines to make sure they accurately meet the technical specifications our clients require. Along with our superior quality control, we constantly strive to make sure our accumulated expertise is reflected in the steady improvement of our products and facilities, and to increase client confidence in the work we do.

CNC 3D measuring equipment
CNC 3D measuring equipment

Having three 3D measuring machines enables us to provide timely measurements.

3D image measuring equipment
3D image measuring equipment
"ATOS II TripleScan"

Measures curved parts forms faster by comparing with 3D data.

Measuring method triple scan
5mpx × 2
Light source blue LED
Measuring time 2 seconds/shot
Vibration testing instrument
Vibration testing instrument
"AKASHI 9910" "AKASHI 9010"

Capable of testing particular vibrations and endurance of a wide range of items, including auto machinery, aerospace machinery, electronics, and precision equipment.

  AKASHI 9910 AKASHI 9010
Rated value excitation force 30,000N(3,061kgf) 7,000N(714.3kgf)
Frequency range 5~2,500Hz 5~3,000Hz
Rated value displacement 50mm 26mm
Max veloCity 1.0m/s 1.4m/s
Max acceleration (no load) 100G 89G
Bearing 30kg load 56G 18G
Random wave excitation 18,000Nrms
Shockwaves 30,000N(3,061kgf)
Fatigue testing instrument
Fatigue testing instrument
"Saginomiya V-2056"

We can evaluate the endurance of machine parts using a servo-hydraulic testing machine.

Excitation force ±100kN
Max amplitude ±50mm
Max veloCity ±12cm/S
Frequency range 0.01~30Hz
Amsler tension testing machine
Amsler tension testing machine
"Saginomiya V-2056"

Applies tensile and compressive loads to perform tensile and compression testing.

Excitation force ±100kN
Max amplitude ±50mm
Max veloCity ±12cm/S
Frequency range 0.01~30Hz