Metal Scrap Business Performing scrap collection including demolition, and supplying raw materials through recycling.

Keiaisha mainly collects scrap metal generated from vehicle and other production plants for the purpose of resource recovery. We also handle scrap-and-build projects for plants, equipment demolition, and a broad range of orders for collection, ancillary projects, and waste disposal.

Metals Recycling Flow

Automotive Plants Various Plants General Urban - Scrap Collection Recycling Process (sorting, crushing, pressing, etc.) Demolition Contractors Industrial Waste Processing - Raw Materials - Purchasers (automakers, steel makers, casting plants, etc.) / Waste - Final Disposal Contractors

Menu of Services

1. Scrap Purchase

Our collection system enables us to purchase at high rates.

2. Collection and transport contracting

Our experienced workforce allows us to provide high quality service with efficiency.

3. Sales of raw materials for steel and casting

We are experts in manufacturing materials such as used pig iron and pressed iron scrap for casting plants, in addition to iron for electric furnaces.

4. Industrial waste processing

We are licensed to collect and transport industrial waste in every region of Japan, and engage in a wide range of processing with the cooperation of regional disposal contractors.

5. Safe and environmentally-conscious demolition

In addition to providing standard demolition, we receive orders for demolition of specialized equipment such as minute PCB equipment, boilers, and coating equipment from many major manufacturers, including Japan Railway.

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Features of our Metal Scrap Business

  • Feature 1

    Expansion of scrap collection facilities and yards nationwide

    Our business has expanded to include 10 offices nationwide, a division dedicated to demolition, approximately 100 employees, and a fleet of about 120 heavy vehicles such as forklifts.

  • Feature 2

    Our large-scale separators perform used pig iron separation to supply raw materials for molding.

    Large-scale separators capable of dividing large metal masses from individual vehicles are deployed at our Tochigi facility. Pig iron separation supplies raw materials for casting.

  • Feature 3

    Expanding our metals division overseas

    We established a shredder plant in Thailand in 2014 that concentrates on recycling scrap generated from local plants.

  • Feature 4

    Demolition work supported by experience and skill

    Experience and skill accumulated over many years. Our proficient experts perform quick demolition of plants, machine equipment, and structures with a mind for safety and the environment.

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