Related Business Expanding at home and abroad in diverse ways to answer the needs of our clients

Our company has boldly challenged ourselves in new industries, breaking into a diverse range of fields, including leasing and insurance, as well as Cambodia Business. The starting point for us in these industries has always been to respond to the requests of our clients and to fulfill their needs. Keiaisha will continue to strive to increase convenience for our clients, facing all challenges head on.



We began with auto leasing, and now also provide equipment leasing.

Coming from a position already deeply involved with the auto industry, our company began leasing automobiles as a way to assist in controlling the impacts of motorization. Our services enable our clients, whether they be corporations or individuals, to take full advantage of the benefits of leasing, offering inexpensive access to vehicles and eliminating many complicated and time consuming procedures, including having to deal with taxes.
We are currently expanding our fields of business even further, leasing various types of equipment and machinery to both corporate and individual clients.



We provide a complete line of casualty insurance, including auto insurance, as well as life insurance products.

We also act as agents of three major Japanese insurance companies, including Tokio Marine Nichido, providing not only auto insurance, but also a complete line of casualty insurance products.
We have also begun providing Tokio Marine Nichido's "Anshin" Life Insurance product.
We are now in an age when customers are able to combine any selection of insurance products to suit their needs. Keiaisha prides itself in providing our customers, whether they are individuals or corporations, with the products that best suit them.

Commercial Business

Commercial Business Commercial Business

We provide equipment and parts to corporations and plants in the manufacturing industry in Japan and overseas.

Our commercial business activities are chiefly based out of Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture, Tokyo, and Bangkok.
We supply steel materials, machining equipment, manufacturing parts, tools, oils, waste materials for processing, and more to Japanese manufacturing clients in Japan, Thailand, and Singapore. Our own local subsidiary in Thailand provides commercial assistance to Japanese manufacturers doing business there.
We also operate gasoline stations and a convenience stores in our Karuizawa, Nagano.

Cambodia Business

Restaurant Business Restaurant Business

Operation of Japanese restaurant and service apartment hotel in Cambodian capital

We operate a Japanese restaurant called "Restaurant Tokyo", as well as a service apartment hotel located in a special economic zone of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our guests mainly consist of Japanese expats and local executives working in plants and other peripheral industries.
We also started sales of Japanese alcoholic beverages. Starting with sales in our own "Restaurant Tokyo", we have since expanded to sales to corporate clients.