Aluminum Recycling Business Our plant performs high grade recycling of aluminum suitable for resource recovery.

Low oxidization of aluminum enables it to be recycled many times over, making it an excellent metal for resource recovery. For this reason our company has aggressively promoted aluminum recycling from a resource circulation standpoint. Our specialized plants melts down and refines scrap aluminum for sale as high-grade molten metal and ingots.

Aluminum Recycling Flow

End-of-life vehicles Demolished structures Others - Raw Materials Aluminum wheels Machined metal from engine peripherals Sash scrap Aluminum shredder scrap Waste aluminum scrap - Preliminary Processing Dry in a rotary kiln to remove impurities. If there are numerous impurities, they will be melted down in the rotary kiln and purified into base metals. Rotary kiln Rotary furnace Base metal - Melting Raw materials and base metals are inserted into a reverberatory furnace, completely melted down, and impurities are removed from the aluminum. A quality check is repeated and additives are inserted to ensure the metal meets product standards. Reverberatory furnace Quality check - Molten Metal Production Molten metal (molten aluminum) - Automakers, etc. - Ingot Production Ingots - Trading companies, wholesalers, etc.

Menu of Services

1. Production and sale of aluminum ingots

Production and sale of aluminum ingots

We use our unique equipment and expertise to melt down used aluminum goods and scrap into raw materials. Molten aluminum that has cleared strict quality control checks is poured into a mold and made into high-grade secondary alloy ingots (cold charged) for sale. The composition of the ingots can be modified to suit the applications and needs of our clients, such as variances in durability and abrasion resistance.

2. Production and sale of molten aluminum

Production and sale of molten aluminum

Before being made into ingots, some molten aluminum is sold as is to major automakers and other producers. This eliminates the time and labor on the part of the buyer of re-melting the aluminum, reducing delivery times and costs.

Features of Our Aluminum Recycling Business

  • Feature 1

    Japan’s first dedicated containers for storage and transport of molten aluminum

    Together with affiliated businesses, we have developed the technology to store and transport melted aluminum. Melted aluminum is placed in Japan’s very first dedicated container, a molten metal ladle, and delivered to clients in a dedicated vehicle.

  • Feature 2

    Strict quality checks with component inspection

    Test pieces are created in the aluminum refinement process for chemical analysis.
    Quality of goods is strictly controlled, with component inspection being repeated until the specimen reaches a standard value.

  • Feature 3

    ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification

    Our plant in Tochigi has obtained both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. We remain dedicated to quality and environmental management.