Message From Our President Contributing to creating a more recycling-oriented society

Keiaisha's corporate philosophy is to contribute to creating a society that operates on a resource recycling model, proactively promoting the 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

Since its founding in 1934, Keiaisha has engaged in the collection, sorting, and processing of scrap metals for steel manufacturing materials, and sold them to manufacturers. Since then, along with the arrival of the Vehicle age, we have focused our efforts toward leading the way in end-of-life Vehicle recycling and aluminum recycling.

We have also set our sights on auto parts development and manufacturing with a quality-first approach to respond to the needs of clients, supplying parts with superior performance as a proposal-based manufacturer. We are also rapidly shifting our focus from regional domestic expansion to expanding our business overseas (the Americas and Asia).

In this manner, Keiaisha is becoming a two-pronged business, with resource recycling as its "veins" and auto parts development and manufacturing as its "arteries". We will always continue to boldly challenge ourselves in overseas and new businesses, and continue to be a company with a meaningful raison d'etre, contributing to the creation a recycling-oriented society.

President & CEO
Tetsuya Tsuruta

Our commitment to the environment

Company Creed

In a spirit of global environmental conservation, Keiaisha Group will strive to reduce the environmental impact and energy consumption of group business activities, and contribute to the continuous development of a recycling-oriented society.

Guidelines of Conduct

  1. Appropriately dispose of environmental pollutants (chemical substance, drain, sludge etc.) generated from our business activities.
  2. Comply with all laws, regulations, agreements entered by our company, and any other agreements related to the environment.
  3. Endeavor to make the best use of sustainable resources by saving the usage of raw material and energy throughout our business activities, products, and services.
  4. Promote environmental education and our environmental policies to improve environmental awareness among our employees as well as outside of the company.
  5. Establish goals and objectives within what is economically and technologically possible to ensure success of our environmental policy, and strive for continuous improvement and prevention of pollution. For this purpose, we periodically conduct internal audits and reviews of our environmental management systems.